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The Osinoff Group helps its clients unlock their business’ full potential through customer centric solutions. Our approach goes beyond the traditional methods and helps companies see their business from the customer’s perspective.

With over 25 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and business builder, Mr. Osinoff has been leading companies on a journey to profitable growth by uncovering opportunities, improving sales strategy and process, and executing with precision.


Strategy & Growth

Strategies to achieve growth and explode profits

Sales Optimization and Automation

From lead generation to closing deals … technology and processes optimized

Venture Capital Marketing

Prepare the pitch deck and financial models, and oversee the investor outreach campaign to 30,000+ potential investors

High-Level Recruiting

Find and attract the top talent you need to drive your business growth forward


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Our Most Requested Solutions

Growth Auditing

An in-depth analysis of your current growth strategy and operations to identify areas for improvement

Market Analysis

A deep dive into your market to identify untapped opportunities and potential threats

Growth Planning

The creation of a comprehensive growth plan tailored to your specific business and market

Implementation Support

Ongoing support and guidance to help you execute your growth plan effectively

Performance Tracking

Regular monitoring of your progress and performance to ensure you stay on track

High-level Strategic recruiting

Identifying and attracting top talent to drive your business’s growth


Developing and executing a successful fundraising communication plan to secure the funding you need.

Sales Automation

Automating and optimizing in ways that improve sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Fractional VP of Sales

Providing strategic sales leadership and guidance to a company on a fractional basis to help develop and implement sales strategies and processes, train sales teams, and drive revenue growth

Our Services Provide the Following Benefits to Clients

Improved growth and profitability

By identifying and addressing areas of weakness in their growth strategy, clients can achieve sustainable growth and increased profits.

Increased competitiveness

Through market and competitor analysis, clients can identify opportunities to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive edge in their market.

Greater control over growth

By developing a comprehensive growth plan and receiving ongoing support to implement it, clients can gain more control over their growth trajectory and ensure they are on track to achieve their goals.

Access to top talent

Our high-level strategic recruiting services give clients access to top talent that can drive their business forward and help them achieve success.

Increased financial stability

Our fundraising marketing and support services help clients secure the funding they need to scale their business and achieve financial stability.

Better decision making

With regular performance tracking and analysis, clients can make better-informed decisions about their growth strategy and course correct as necessary.

Greater efficiency and effectiveness

Our services help clients to streamline their operations and better use their resources to achieve their goals.

Reduced risk

By working with our experts, clients can reduce the risk of failure and ensure they take the right steps to achieve success.

Identifying new revenue streams

Our services help clients identify new revenue streams that diversify risk and increase profitability, thus ensuring the long-term growth and success of the business.

Successful entrepreneur in factory workshop of his company

Case Studies

Our leanings from client activation's and the positive impact on their success.


A client was using HubSpot but was not fully utilizing its capabilities. The company also faced challenges with manual and inefficient outreach and follow-up processes.

Network with pins

A cybersecurity company was struggling to reach new clients and generate enough leads and sales through their current sales channels. They were looking for a way to expand their reach and lower their sales costs.

Circuit board and AI micro processor, Artificial intelligence of digital human. 3d render

A B2B firm with an AI-driven compliance platform was seeking $4 million in equity growth capital funding to expand its product, build its sales team, and develop a customer support capability.

Client Testimonials

Vivian Johnson

Greg is an exceptional leader and dedicated professional. His work helped us immensely.

Michelle Ambose

Osinoff Group helped us recruit our Chief Risk Officer, who is a leader in the industry.

We look forward to learning about your company.

With over 20+ years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and business builder, Mr. Osinoff has been leading companies on a journey to profitable growth by uncovering opportunities, improving sales strategy and process, and executing with precision.